7 Cheap Polytron Washing Machine 2017, Suitable for Daily Use

At least more than 7 cheap polytron mesin cuci 2017 that you can make an option to meet your washing needs. Indeed a lot of brand washing machine options circulating in Indonesia, but Polytron certainly can not doubt its quality. Polytron strives to always create quality products for Indonesian families. So, no wonder if many people who prefer polytron washers than other brands.

Polytron Company innovates to make the washing machine has a useful advantage in the morning the consumers. Now, many have proved that washing machine from polytron very efficient detergent and water. Even so, the cleaning quality remains good and reliable. This washing machine has magic ball technology that is useful in optimizing cleaning clothes.
In addition, there are also various types of products that you can choose as needed.

Polytron also manufactures front loading and top loading washing machines with one door or two doors. In choosing a washing machine, not just based on the price of 7 washers Polytron 2017 cheap only, you should note the kitchen runway and its features. You can find out about it from product specification reviews. Well, Here are the recommendations 7 cheapest washers 2017.

1. Polytron PWM 9565, washing machine with a capacity of up to 9.5 kg with two tubes da power that power 230 watts. While the price of this Polytron washer ranges IDR 1.6 million.
2. Polytron PWM 6555, specifications include the model two tubes with a capacity of 6.5 kg with power 198 watts and the price of IDR 1.2 million.
3. Polytron PWM 7555, this type washing machine has a capacity of clothes up to 7.5 kg with two tube models, powernya 198 watts while the price of IDR 1.3 million.
4. Polytron PWM 8555P, capacity capable of loading 8.5 kg, has two tubes, weighs 26.5 kg. While the power required adalalh 230 watts valued IDR 1.4 million.
5. Polytron PWM 9555, this washing machine can accommodate 9.5 kg designed with 2 tubes and 230 watts of electricity required. For the price of IDR 1.6 million.
6. Polytron PFL 7210 is a washing machine that holds up to 7.2 kg with front loading model. While the power 400 watts and dibanderol IDR 4.6 million.
7. Polytron PFL 7200, a front loading washing machine designed with a capacity of 7.2 kg and 400 watts of power required. The price is around IDR 4.7 millions.

That’s the price of 7 cheap Polytron washers 2017 that you can consider as a reference when you want to buy a new washing machine. If seen, the front loading washing machine price is higher than the top loading type.